Legendario 12 Days Route

You can combine Spain tours with Greece.

LEGENDARIO 12-days route around Castilla León – Sepúlveda – Candelario – Fresnadillo de Sayago – La Cabrera

This 12-days route throught inland of Spain will bring you to many historic cities, some of them recognised as Human Heritage, monuments and towns where one have the feeling that time doesn’t goes by them. You will stay in places where you will be able to enjoy of typhical gastronomy and nature with gorgeous landscapes.
You will stay in a gorgeous and old Posada in Sepulveda built in a typhical Segovian style with many Roman churchs and Hermitages.

You may visit the fascinating Rio Duraton natural park and Sierra de Ayllón peaks but also the main city of Segovia, recognised as Human Heritage by the UNESCO with their Roman churchs, gothic Cathedral, the fascinating Alcazar and the well known Roman Aqueduct. Segovia is also well known by the Spaniards because their fiestas and their gastronomy.
Here, you will enjoy having lunch their speciality, cochinillo asado (roasted sucking pig). Also Sepulveda and Pedraza are culinair paradise.

In your way to the baeutiful town of Candelario youmay stop in Avila, other city recognised as Human Heritage, where you can visit this Middle Aged city. In Candelario you will stay in a historic house. This town has 103 houses and it has been recognised as HisTorical Heritage.
from here youcould visit Salamanca, one of the most gorgeous renaissance cities out of Italy. But also Middle Aged towms and cities as Ciudad Rodrigo, La Alberca and Alba de Tormes or Sierra de Gredos can be visited.,

Then, you will stay in a Posada Real, 32 kms away from Zamora city centre. from here you can make a journey to Arribes del Duero Natural Park and enjoy the deep valleys and a wide variety of flora and fauna as olives trees, chestnut trees, cactus, orange trees, voltures and many other birds. Teh Duero river is natural frontier between Spain and Portugal.

At the end of this route, you will stay in La Cabrera, just 56 kms away from Madrid, the capital of Spain.

Overlook of this route:

Days 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

Stay in a Posada on bed & breakfast basis in the surroundings of Sepulveda. This Posada is the oldest houses of Sepulveda, a romanic house from the XI century.
from here, you may visit Segovia, one of the most striking Roman treasures in Europe.
Segovia’s historic centre begins with the aqueduct leading us through its beautiful cobble streets surrounded by protective walls and fortified turrets. There are also gothic style buildings as the Cathedral and Alcazar.
In Segovia you may find more than 20 Romans churchs.
If you have some time you may visit Pedraza and its Middle Aged city walls. Also, the Plaza Mayor with its Roman clock tower and its galleries is one of the most beautiful of Castilla.
You may also visit Las Hoces del Rio Duratón Natural Park. The Hoces del río Duratón Natural Park is situated to the northeast of Segovia, downstream from the town of Sepúlveda. In this area, the river has settled inside a deep canyon which in some places has over 100 metre drops. To the landscape’s beauty and interest we must add the great archaeological and historic richness contained inside the gorge.

Days 4th, 5th & 6th. (231 km – 3h45)

Stay in a Posada Real in Candelario on bed & breakfast basis. Here you can enjoy the murmur of the water from any of the fountains in the town.
In your way from Sepulveda to Candelario you may stop in Avila, its citywalls are the best keeped and well conserved from all Europa. The city of Ávila is the best example of what was a walled city in Medieval Spain. Within its walls and in the suburbs which surround them, the churches, convents, monuments, and the arrangement of narrow winding streets make this Castilian city one of those redoubts in the Iberian peninsula where the history of Spain and the medieval way of life can be most clearly seen.
from Candelario you may visit Salamanca and its county. It is a interested combination of nature and folklore: huge forests, mountains, rivers, traditional fiestas in Middle Aged towns. Salamanca is also one of the nicest and oldest university cities of the world. Many churchs, palaces and monuments, nice restaurants, terraces, discos and bars give to Salamanca an unique charming character.
You may discover Sierra de Gredos, shaped by erosion of ancient glacial eras in the South of Castilla y León, is a spectacular succession of lakes, cirques, gorges, knife-edged ridges, crags, granite boulders and moraine deposits. This is the domain of the Capra Hispánica (wild goat).

Days 7th, 8th & 9th. (143 km – 2h45)

Stay in a Posada Real in Sayago, near by the fromtier with Portugal, on bed & breakfast basis.
from here you may enjoy a journey to the Duero river in a passenger ship between the cliffs on both sides. Duero river is the natural frontier between Spain and Portugal, so as long as you see one side belongs to Spain an the other side to Portugal.
If didn’t have time enough to visit and enjoy Salamanca, you can drive from here.
You may also stop in Zamora and visit its Cathedral which was built in the year 1151 and many examples of Romans and Gothics churchs.
This place is also well known because an old house of “El Cid” is here.

Days 10th & 11th. (300 km – 4h00)

Stay in an antique villa from the begining of the 20th century on bed & breakfast basis.
from here you may visit Madrid, well known because its museums and history, but also because its shops. You may make a journey along El Prado Museum, Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and Reina Sofia Museum.
If you are in Madrid on sunday is highly recommended to visit El Rastro (flea market).
You may also visit El Escorial, a palace from the year 1584. It is one of the most visited monuments in Spain.

Day 12th. End of the trip.

Posada in Sepulveda:   

This hotel is a romanic house from the XI century. A cosy patio, built between Xv and XVI centuries welcomes to the guests who comes here looking for relax, peacefullness and gorgeous landscapes. Their wide gardens with a magnificient views of Sepulveda are the ideal place to enjoy this area.
There are 7 double rooms and 1 single room well decorated. All of them are equipped with full bathroom, TV and telephone. There are also a wide lobby and a restaurant.
Outdoors, as well as the gardens you will be able to enjoy the peacefullness of their own terrace. 
There is also a private parking area for the guests.

Posada Real in Candelario:   

This 10 roomed Inn is located in Candelario, among 3 cities Humanity Cultural Heritage as Cáceres, Avila and Salamanca.
The building has been classified by “Siglo XVIII del Candelario Industrial”, because is architectonical value keeping its traditional fisionomy when it was restored.
It was an old factory where proccesed cold meat was ellaborated.
There is a beatiful inside patio… at the entrance the visitor can enjoyed a quiet estancy, beside the water babling from the fountain.
Beside the reception, there is an small shop where the typical homemade products of this area can be bought.
There are 10 double rooms with full bathroom, which are decorated in a rustic way and the furniture has been plastering in white to get a warm and light touch.

Posada Real in Fresnadillo de Sayago:   

This charming 11 roomed inn (some with fireplaces) is a place to relax or to be very active. Rock-climbing, orienteering, hiking, jeep expeditions and archery are just a few of the activities possible at this location which is situated in the centre of la Comarca de Sayago. Located in the heart of the countryside by the River Douro and within easy reach of Zamora (32 km.) to the north and Salamanca (67 km.) to the south, it is a superb place from which to explore the breathtaking natural surroundings of this gorgeous area. Rooms are uniquely decorated and very comfortable. The restaurant serves delicious traditional regional meals (approximate dinner price 13 euros).

Villa in La Cabrera:

The hotel is located in an old pleasure villa from the first years of the XX century, built in stone work. It is 3 buildings, the old country house, the duplex building and the coffee-restaurant communicated by an interior garden. The buildings are built using stone, wood, clay and earthenware, and inside themselves are elegant furniture from different timesand interesting works of art.

The hotel are equipped with:
• 6 estancys of 40m2 (+/-)
• 5 estancys with attic (duplex) of 60m2.
• 1 tower (suite)
• All the rooms are equipped with bathroom, telephone, TV, warm water and heating.
• The estancys are for 2 people, the suite and duplex can get 4 people inside.

Price per person from: €717,00
This price is made on basis of 11 nights, included breakfast
Typhical castillian 3 corses menu, included wine, coffie and liqueur in Meson de Candido in Segovia.
Information over the counties
Administrative costs

Prices are based in 11 nights estancy on bed and breakfast basis (under request, availablity and dates.)

What is not included in the price? Flights to/from Spain, rent a car in Spain, insurance, meals and drinks, tips, other services are not mentioned as sauna, fitness,…

You may make this trip shorter or longer as you wish. Even a route made to measure can be done, including or excluding destinations of your preferences.

We can take care of your car renting and/or your flight tickets if you want we do that for you.